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Carolina Wolf Spider

Hogna carolinensis

Hogna wolf spider photo © by Mike Plagens

In ponderosa woodland near Washington Park, Gila Co., Arizona. 17 July 2016. A large spider in excess of 25 mm in length.

Lycosidae -- Wold Spider Family

Carolina Wolf Spiders find their prey at night as they walk over the soil. Their four big eyes (plus four smaller ones) are capable at dusk and dawn. They often sit motionless when it is completely dark and with highly sensitive motion/vibration sensors can pick up nearby movements that could represent a meal, a threat, or perhaps a mate. These sensors normally provide enough information for the spider to act accordingly. Crickets are an important prey, but so are other spiders. Prey are dispatched by a rapid pounce and injection of venom. They only bite people when mishandled.

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