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Freckled Glassywing

Pseudohemihyalea labecula

Pseudohemihyalea photo © by Mike Plagens

Male. At porch light in ponderosa woodlands at Washington Park, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. 7 Aug. 2015

Arctiidae -- Tiger Moth Family

These moths rest by day alighted on a tree trunk or other surface. To remain unobserved by a bird or other visual predator their coloration is drab, but also partly the wings are transparent allowing the background colors to obscure. If that fails and a bird grabs the moth a red abdomen is suddenly exposed which might startle the bird just enough for a get away! The larva stage of this moth might be looked for on oak foliage, but is largely unknown. They emerge from the pupa/cocoon in the summer after the rains have started and often end up coming to lights.

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