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Utah Serviceberry

Amelanchier utahensis

Utah Seviceberry, Amelanchier utahensis, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed along a roadside in the ponderosa forest near the summit of the Mazatzal Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. August 2011.

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FLOWERS: Five, narrow white petals with wavy/toothy margins. A dozen or more stamens. Blooming in spring. Diameter about 1 cm

LEAVES: Leaves are orbicular with the distal half shallowly toothed along the margin. The veins are distinct. Winter deciduous.

SHRUB: In Arizona's mountains this plant attains a size of several meters.

RANGE: Found in ponderosa woodlands and in chaparral as well as here and there in piñon-juniper.

FRUIT: Small spherical versions of rose hips that darken to blue-black.

UNARMED. Thornless, however the twigs and branches are very stiff.

Rosaceae -- Rose Family

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