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Wild Celery

Apium graveolens

Wild Celery, Apium graveolens, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed in a moist swale in the ponderosa forest of Upper East Verde watershead just below the Mogollon Rim, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. August 2010.

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Celery flowers have 5 small petals FLOWERS: Many small white flowers arranged in an umbel (umbrella-shaped). The fruit developes below the petals from an inferior ovary.

LEAVES: Leaves are pinately compound with a long petiole. The petioles of these escaped plants are considerably narrower than cultivated celery.

ANNUAL: The below ground portion might survive a mild winter, but the above ground portion is entirely herbaceous.

RANGE: Many locations within Arizona's ponderosa woodlands were once occupied by small homesteads and farms. The buildings are gone but escaped garden plants remain. Some species may become permanent components of the flora.

FRUIT: The small slightly flattened fruits appear below the petals and split into two one-seeded halves. Crushing them releases the aromatic celery flavor.

ARMED. The leaves and flower bracts have slender, sharp prickles.

Apiaceae -- Celery Family

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