Ground-cover Milk-Vetch

Astragalus humistratus

Ground-cover Milk-vetch, Astragalus humistratus, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed in open, ponderosa forest in upper Sycamore Creek, Washington Park, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. 17 July 2016.

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FLOWERS: Small spikes of purple to white pea flowers.
Milkvetch, Astragalus humistratus
LEAVES: Leaves are odd-pinnately compound with about six pairs plus one terminal lance-shaped leaflet.

PERENNIAL: An herbaceous plant that regrows for several years from a root stock. The stems grow out across the soil forming a ground cover mat.

RANGE: Found in montane habitats through much of northern Arizona especially as in partly open ponderosa woodland.

FRUIT: The short, slightly inflated bean pod typically holds just one or a few seeds.

UNARMED. No spines.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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