Buck Brush
Fendler's Ceanothus

Ceanothus fendleri

Buck-brush, Ceanothus fendleri,  photo © by Mike Plagens

In open ponderosa woodland near the headwaters of the East Verde River, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. 22 Aug. 2010. Some nearly mature seed capsules are at lower right.

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FLOWERS: Clusters of many small white flowers each with five clawed petals, i.e. the petals have a narrowed base. Several groups of such clusters arrayed at ends of branches. Highly attractive to a wide variety of flying insects.

LEAVES: Elliptical leaves may be oval to almost round in shape and usually about 2 cm long. The longitudinal veins are conspicuous.

SHRUB: An intricately branched shrub occasionally as tall as 3 m tall.

RANGE: Very common in open areas between trees in ponderosa woodlands. May be found lower as among piñons and junipers.

FRUIT: The three segmented capsules are noticeably triangular in cross section and contain usually three seeds.

ARMED. Many or few straight thorns arising from the branch and twig tips.

Rhamnaceae -- Buckthorn Family

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