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Birdbill Dayflower

Commelina dianthifolia

Birdbill Dayflower, Commelina dianthifolia, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed on the slopes of Granite Mountain, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. September 2112. Notice there is a small dipteran alighted on the stigma.

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FLOWERS: Usually one flower is enclosed in a leaf-like bract or spathe that has a long beak-like tip. Usually one flower in the group opens at a time. Blue is the usual color.

LEAVES: Leaves are long, slender and grass-like with parallel veins.

PERENNIAL: Above ground plant is herbaceous. Regrows each year from underground tubers. Flowering plants are mostly less than 60 cm in height.

RANGE: Common in many of Arizona's woodland habitats growing in open sunny places, but only after periods of good rainfall.

FRUIT: Five seeds are contained within a dry capsule.

UNARMED. No prickles.

Commelinaceae -- Spiderwort Family

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