Alpine Cancer-root

Conopholis alpina mexicana

Alpine Cancer-root, Conopholis alpina, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed in the ponderosa forest in Reynolds Canyon, Sierra Ancha, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. June 2011.

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FLOWERS: The white flowers are clustered on yellowish-brown, fleshy spikes that emerges straight from the leaf litter on the forest floor.

LEAVES: No leaves at all save for short brownish scales.

PERENNIAL: The flowering spike is all that appears above ground. The below-ground root system is parasitic on other plants and persists for several years.

RANGE: Found in isolated montane forests in the southwestern United States where oaks are present.

FRUIT: The many seeds develop in capsules on the spike as it dries.


Orobanchaceae -- Broom-rape Family

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