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Pygmy Bluet

Houstonia wrightii

Pygmy Bluet, Houstonia wrightii, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed in Juniper-Oak woodland habitat near Cochise Stronghold, Little Dragoon Mountains, Cochise Co., Arizona, USA. 11 July 2009.

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FLOWERS: Flower color ranges from white to pale shades of pink or lavender. Four straight petals form a neat cross atop a short tube. Many flowers often open at once creating a beautiful show.

LEAVES: The leaves are narrow and disposed in pairs at each node.

PERENNIAL: Above ground portion is herbaceous and regrows for several years from woody taproot system. Plant height is typically less than 20 cm.

RANGE: This is a common wildflower in open pinelands and pinyon-juniper from the Mogollon Rim east to the mountains of western Texas and northern Mexico, coming into flower mostly after summer rains.

FRUIT: Dry, capsules with two seeds.

UNARMED. Thornless.

Rubiaceae -- Coffee Family

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