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Slendertube Skyrocket

Ipomopsis tenuituba

Slender-tube Skyrocket, Ipomopsis tenuituba, photo © by Allan Ostling

Observed along the road to Cape Royal, Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona, USA. July 2012. Both photos by Allan Ostling.

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roadside patch of skyrockets at North Rim of Grand Canyon FLOWERS: Striking pink flowers with indeed a very long slender tube. Blooming in summer and grouped in clusters on one side of a tall stalk. Five stamens and three stigmas.

LEAVES: Leaves clustered at base of plant and fewer above. They are dissected into narrow lobes.

PERENNIAL: Above ground portion is herbaceous and regrows for several years from a root stock.

RANGE: Spotty distribution in the higher elevations of ponderosa woodlands and more likely in meadows and slopes among fir/spruce woodlands. Less frequent than scarlet skyrocket

FRUIT: Dry, capsules with several seeds in each chamber.

UNARMED. Thornless.

Polemoniaceae -- Phlox Family

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