Greenstem Paperflower

Psilostrophe sparsiflora

Psilostrophe sparsiflora photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed at the Little Colorado River Navajo Park, Coconino Co., Arizona, USA. 14 May 2016.

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FLOWERS: The bright yellow ray florets retain the corollas after blooming and these bleach white and dry to papery wisps. Blooming mid spring and sporadically at other seasons.

LEAVES: The leaves are lance-shaped and alternate.

PERENNIAL: Mostly herbaceous, branching stems are green, less than a meter tall.

RANGE: Found on drier, open sites in ponderosa woods, and more frequently in piñon-juniper habitats. At lower elevation it is replaced by White-stem Paperflower.

FRUIT: Each of the many florets in the composite head produces its own single seed each with four or five small scales at top.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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