Baccharis Inchworm Moth

Letispe metanemaria
(Elpiste metanemaria)

Watercolor © by Michael Plagens

Watercolor from living specimens found near Castle Hot Springs, Yavapai Co., Arizona on 12 Oct. 1992. The moth in the lower right of the illustration and was reared from the larva on Baccharis sarathroides leaves. Also shown is a Paper Wasp.

Geometridae -- Inch Worm Moth Family

Hundreds of geometrid moth species are found in Arizona. One reason for their evolutionary success is the exquisite camouflage of both caterpillar and adult stages. Inchworms, as the caterpillar larvae are called, resemble the twigs or other plant structures so closely that they go undetected by all but the most discriminating eye.

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