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Funereal Duskywing

Erynnis funeralis

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Photo taken at Tortilla Flat, Maricopa Co., Arizona on 8 March 2009.

Bare patches of damp sand along riparian habitats in the Sonoran Desert are attractive to many kinds of butterflies. Among these are several species of Dusky Wings that are difficult to distinguish. Dusky wings are skippers (Hesperiidae), a large and distinct group of butterflies. One easily recognizable trait of most skippers is an elbowed or hooked club at tip of the antenna. At mid-elevations in the Sonoran Desert, 300m to 1000m, this is the most common. The hind wings are velvety black contrasted by a narrow white border to the hind wings, while the forewing is motled with gray and brown flecks on black. The caterpillars can be found on various members of the bean family (Fabaceae). Funereal Duskwing is found from Texas to California.

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