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Reakirt's Blue

Hemiargus isola
(Echinargus isola)


a Reakirt's Blue Butterfly, Hemiargus isola, from Bumblebee, Arizona, photo © by Mike Plagens

Among the many butterflies and other insects visiting flowers of Desert Broom (Baccharis sarothroides) at Bumblebee, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. 23 October 2012.

reakirt's blue © by Mike Plagens Several small blue butterfly species can be found in the Sonoran Desert; this is one of the less common. The row of dark black spots on the underside of the forewing makes it easily recognized. They frequent flowers and when perched often hold the wings folded over the dorsum, thus showing the distinctive spots. Wing span is about 12 mm. The caterpillars are small, slug-like and well camouflaged on foliage of mesquites.

Lycaenidae -- Blue, Hairstreak and Copper Butterflies

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