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Brown Stinkbug

Holcostethus sp.


Holcostethus photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed feeding upon developing seeds of Velvet Ash (Fraxinus velutina) along French Creek, Bradshaw Mts., Yavapai Co., Arizona on 01 May 2009.

Pentatomidae -- Stinkbug Family

Sometimes a photograph is sufficient to identify an insect to species. However, more often than not, more information is needed. Habitat information can be very useful - the specimen at left was found in a riparian canyon along the southern flanks of the Bradshaw Mountains, Yavapai Co., Arizona. Also the size of the insect should be given if a scale ruler is not included in the photo - this brown stink bug is about 8 mm long. Host information can also be useful in narrowing down the identification of an insect or bug. Even still, most entomologists will be hesitant to give a diffinative answer without having access to the specimen and placing it under their microscope.

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