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Rambur's Forktail

Ischnura ramburii

Rambur's Fortktail, Ischnura ramburii, photo © by Robert Witzeman

This male damsel fly image was captured by Robert Witzeman at Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona, USA. Robert leads several Odonata field trips for Maricopa Audubon Society each year.

Coenagrionidae -- Narrow-winged Damselfly Family

These delicate damselflies as adults generally do not wander far from shallow ponds and backwaters where the larval forms develope as predaceous aquatic insects. Notice the green and black thorax and solid blue abdominal segment #8. Rambur's Forktail is distributed across much of the United States and south through Mexico. In the Sonoran Desert it is restricted to urban ponds, wastewater recovery faacilities, and riparian systems.

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