Dead Leaf Moth

Ptichodis ovalis

Ptichodis ovalis moth in Sonoran Desert photo © by Allan Ostling

Resting by day on gravel in a desert wash. Mesquite Wash, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 06 Oct. 2016. Length of the resting moth is about 20 mm. Photo provided by Allan Ostling.

Erebidae -- a Moth Family

This moth looks very much like a dead leaf and when resting on the ground it could easily be mistaken for one. It's a camouflage defense against especially insectivorous birds. Many other moth species resemble dead leaves and each bears a slightly different pattern in that regard. This species occurs in riparian zones from the upper Sonoran and lower montane habitats. It has been recorded in Arizona and Texas. I could not find any report of the larval host plant.

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