Long-horned Caddisfly

Caddisfly, Trichoptera, Leptoceridae, photo © by Mike Plagens

At uv light near Rackensack Wash, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 11 Aug. 2016.

Trichoptera -- Caddisfly Order
Leptoceridae -- Longhorn Caddisfly Family

Better than 99% of this insect's life was spent under water in a nearby riparian stream (Camp Creek). There it lived as a larva feeding on detritis - moulding leaves and algae - from within a silken case. The adult form shown here lives and breathes air for a few days only before mating, laying eggs and dying. Emergence is at night or very early dawn before the excessive heat and low humidity of the desert environment hit these aquatic insects. At night they are frequently seen at electric lights. There are many species and families of cadisflies. This one is characterized by the very long antennae.

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