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Willow Acacia

Acacia salicina

Photo of Willow Acacia, Acacia salicina, by Michael Plagens

This photo was taken in Glendale, Arizona, USA. November 2011.

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RANGE: This tree, native to eastern Australia, has been widely planted in urban areas of the Sonoran Desert. Seeds are germinating away from parent plants which might allow this to become an exotic invasive.

creamy flowers of Willow Acacia appear in late fall FLOWERS: Very small cream flowers are gathered into dense, cream-colored puff balls of stamens. Blooming occurs in autumn and the sweet fragrance often clings close to ground under thermal inversions.

TREE: Large or medium tree with long, penduous branches giving the appearance of a willow.

LEAVES: The strap-like leaves extend the willow-like appearance of this bean family member. The tough leaves are derived from a expanded and flattened mid-rib.

FRUIT: Slender bean bods split open to reveal small red seeds with a red aril attached to one side.

UNARMED: Unlike most of our native acacias, this plant lacks thorns.

Habit of Willow Acacia, Acacia salicina, by Michael Plagens

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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