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Iodine Bush

Allenrolfea occidentalis

Photo of Allenrolfea occidentalis copyright by Michael Plagens

Observed near the Gila River in Buckeye, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. Nov. 2009.

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RANGE: A salt-tolerant plant partial to damp, saline soils. Found in flood basins adjacent to the rivers or in poorly drained low spots. Agricultural fields that have become saline and unproductive are colonized by this plant.

SHRUB: A woody shrub, mostly to 1 meter tall, occasionally 2 meters. The much-branched stems appear thick, fleshy and segmented; the surface is green and photosynthetic.

LEAVES: Virtually leafless - the actual leaves are short and scale-like.
stems and flowers of Iodinebush, Allenrolfea occidentalis
FLOWERS: When flowering the abundant small flowers appear yellow with pollen that is shed into the wind. There are no showy petals. Can give allergy sufferers pause.

FRUIT: Mature fruits with singleton seeds are barely a mm wide.

UNARMED. No spines.

Chenopodiaceae -- Goosefoot Family

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