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Fringed Amaranth

Amaranthus fimbriatus

Fringed Pigweed, Amaranthus fimbriatus, photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed in Vekol Valley, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Aug 10, 2008.

ANNUAL: Warm season annual occasionally reaching one meter in height. One or a few erect stems. Not present in winter season or after extended drought.

LEAVES: Leaves are narrow elongate, alternate on the stems.

FLOWERS: Light green or pale. Numerous in terminal spikes. The tips often curve downwards. Separate male (staminate) and female (pistillate) flowers. With magnification note that pistillate sepals are fringed.

RANGE: Frequent throughout the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico on wash banks or in canyons often growing among shrubs and partial shade. Also found from California to Texas.

FRUIT: Dry single-seeded achenes subtended by papery sepals and bracts.

UNARMED. Once the spikes of flowers mature and go to seed the surrounding bracts may be slightly prickly.

Amaranthaceae -- Amaranth Family

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