Sonoran Desert Sumacs

Medium sized shrubs to trees. Some vines. Alternate, usually but not always compound leaves. Flowers small in panicles and often numerous.

Sugar Berry

Rhus ovata

Poison Ivy

Toxicodendron rydbergi

Small to medium sized trees with dark green, shiny leaves. Found at upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert and as a component of interior chaparral habitat. Detailed Description

Compound leaves with three leaflets on low shrubs or vines. Rare in the Sonoran Desert - restricted to damp shady spots in canyons. Detailed Description

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Rhus trilobata

African Sumac

Rhus lancea

Medium-sized shrub restricted to higher elevations or deep shady canyons in the Sonoran Desert. Leaves release strong resinous aroma. Red berries and white flowers. Detailed Description

Tree with dark fissured bark. Shiny, three-parted, compound leaves. Exotic planted in urban settings in the Sonoran Desert. Now colonizing desert washes and potentially becoming a serious invasive weed. Detailed Description

Sonoran Desert Places

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