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Anagallis arvensis

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed along Mesquite Wash, Maricopa Co., Arizona. April 2008.

ANNUAL: Low-growing, spring annual with rather fleshy stems and leaves.

LEAVES: Leaves are broadly elyptic and opposite and sessile on the stems (two at each stem node).

RANGE: This non-native plant has found its way into riparian habitats and larger washes where it tends to grow in damp sand.

FRUIT: Dry capsules which open like a cap (circumscissile).

FLOWERS: Five petals can range in color from usually orange or salmon in wild-type populations to red or even blue in varieties. The five stamens are each opposite a petal. Blooms mid to late spring in the desert.

UNARMED No spines/thorns.

Primulaceae -- Primrose Family

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