Desert Windflower

Anemone tuberosa

Anemone tuberosa photo © by Michael Plagens

Image taken Feb. 26, 2005, near Winkleman, Gila Co., Arizona.

FLOWERS: White flowers with 5 to 10 sepals, numerous stamens and numerous separate carpels. Growth and flowers only in early to mid spring.

PERENNIAL HERB: Above ground portions are entirely herbaceous growing from under ground tubers. These soon die back with onset of hot temperatures. 10 to 20 cm tall.

RANGE: Common in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Sonora on rocky bajadas. Texas and across the Southwest to California.

LEAVES: Palmately cleft leaves are somewhat fleshy.

FRUIT: Each carpel developes into a one-seeded capsule, or achene.


Ranuculaceae -- Buttercup Family

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