Yerba Mansa

Anemopsis californica

Yerba Mansa, Anemopsis californica, photo © by Michael Plagens

Phoenix waste water recovery, Tres Rios, Arizona, USA. Oct 2006.

HERB : A perennial herb restricted to wet soil near ponds and cienegas.

LEAVES: Broadly elliptic, rather large leaves mostly from a basal roseate; leaf top surface is waxy.

RANGE : Distributed across the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico in wet places, including those with rather salty or alkaline soils. Frequently planted as part of wastewater recovery operations near urban areas such as Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert. Widely planted for its medicinal value as well.

FLOWERS: Many small white flowers arranged in a spike above a group of radially arranged bright white bracts.

FRUIT: Small, fleshy capsules. UNARMED.

Saururaceae -- Lizardtail Family

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