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Purple Three-Awn

Aristida purpurea

Photo by Stan Shebs

Photographed at the Springs Preserve garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Taken May 2005 by Wikipedia User Stan Shebs. This image is hosted at Wikimedia

GRASS: A perennial grass forming into upright to nearly rounded clumps ca ½ m tall.

LEAVES: Blades narrow, barely 2 mm and about 2 cm long.

RANGE: Common in the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts especially along roadsides and on rocky slopes. Frequently cultivated in xeriscape gardens of Phoenix and Tucson.

FLOWERS: An abundance of purple-maroon awns (three per spikelet) make this one of the most attractive of the native grasses.


Family: Poaceae

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