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Giant Reed

Arundo donax

Arundo donax photo © by Michael Plagens
Arundo donax inflorescence photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed along Camp Creek, Maricopa Co., Arizona, August 2008.

PERENNIAL: An invasive, weedy grass reaching heights of five meters or more. Many stems can eventually grow together from underground rhizomes producing an impenetrable thicket. It resembles and is sometimes referred to as bamboo.

LEAVES: Broad leaf-blades up to a meter long.

RANGE: Increasingly frequent in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico along well-watered washes and riparian zones.

FRUIT: Small grains a few mm long.

FLOWERS: Compact panicle with thousands of spikelets resembling a plume.


Poaceae -- Grass Family

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