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Harrison's Barberry
KOFA Mountain Barberry

Berberis harrisoniana

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Berberis harrisoniana photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed in Palm Canyon, KOFA Mts., Yuma Co., Arizona. February 2005.

RANGE: This is a relect plant with a few isolated populations in deep shady canyons in just a few mountain ranges of southwestern Arizona and southeastern California. Also the Ajo Mountains in Organ Pipe National Monument.

SHRUB: A scraggly woody shrub normaly less than two meters in height.

ARMED. The leaves are stiff and sharply spine-tipped. The stiff, woody stems are without spines.

LEAVES: Leaves are trifoliate. The leaves are dark, shiny green.

FRUIT: Nearly black when ripe berries.

FLOWERS: Cream yellow flowers in small clusters are sweet-scented. There are nine green sepals and six yellow petals. Half dozen stamens. Blooming in Feb - March.

Berberidaceae -- Barberry Family

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