Bernardia incana
B. myricifolia

Bernardia incana Pen & Ink © by Michael Plagens

An iridescent blue flea beetle (Chrysomelidae:Alticinae) is often associated with this shrub and leaves pock marks where it has fed on the thick leaves.

RANGE: Not uncommon in its restricted habitat at the bases of steep, north-facing cliffs in the desert mountains. It can be found at Camelback Mountain, Phoenix and Picacho Peak, Arizona.

SHRUB: An inconspicuous, evergreen shrub growing most commonly in the partial shade cast by north facing cliffs.

FRUIT: Spherical and conspicuously three-parted capsules about 7 mm dia.

LEAVES: Olive-green leaves have crenulate margins and are slightly fleshy. During extended drought the plants are sparsely leaved. Leaves turn yellow-orange before dying.

FLOWERS: Small, greenish and inconspicuous.


Bernardia incana leaves © by Michael Plagens

KOFA Mts, Yuma Co., Arizona. Dec. 2018

Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge Family

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