Holly-leaf Brickell-Bush
Spear-leaf Brickell-bush

Brickellia atractyloides

Dieteria bigelovii photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed near Vulture Peak, nw Maricopa Co., Arizona. August 2016.

SHRUB: Course woody shrub barely 0.5 meters long spreading branches. Common examples may grow from a crevice in a vertical rock face.

ARMED. The margins of the leaves are mucronate, but are unlikely to penetrate the skin.

FLOWERS: The pale cream to brownish and purple tinged florets are in rather small heads and usually not conspicuous. Blooming can be in spring or summer depending on rainfall.

RANGE: In the northern portions of the Sonoran Desert this plant has a spotty distribution mostly in rocky hills and mountains.

LEAVES: The leather leaves have spine-tipped teeth.
Detail of holly-like leaf Brickellia atractyloides photo © by Mike Plagens
FRUIT: Dry single-seeded achenes are clustered in the heads and are topped with numerous fine tan bristles.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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