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Little-leaf Brickell Bush

Brickellia microphylla scabra


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FLOWERS: Small heads of composite flowers panicled at ends of branches.  No ray flowers and the disc flowers barely protrude above the purplish phyllaries and fine pappus of capillary bristles. A single head and achene shown at left. Mid spring and during other seasons depending on moisture availability.

SHRUB: Small,  0.5 m, inconspicuous shrub on rocky slopes often in partial shade.

LEAVES: Short, rather tough-textured leaves.

RANGE: Occasional at northwest edge of the Sonoran Desert where it meets the Mojave Desert.

PAPPUS: (crown at apex of achene) A crown of fine capillary bristles lenghens and becomes conspicuous after blooming.


Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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