Texas Mountain Laurel
Texas Mescal-bean

Calia secundiflora
(Sephora secundiflora)

Texas Mountain Laurel, Calia secundiflora, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed under cultivation at Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona, USA. 8 March 2014.

RANGE: Native to Texas and southeastern New Mexico, but now frequently planted in Arizona xeriscape gardens.

SHRUB: Large shrub or small tree.

FLOWERS: Dark purple pea-flowers are large, fragrant and borne in large clusters.

FRUIT: Sturdy bean pods contain red beans and the pods are constricted between each bean.

UNARMED. The thornless nature is another reason this plant is popular with gardeners.

LEAVES: Once compound leaves are dark green and a stiff.

Many species of bees were visiting the flowers at Boyce-Thompson:

 © by Mike Plagens    © by Mike Plagens

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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