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Wild Petunia
Seaside Petunia

Calibrachoa parviflora
(Petunia parviflora)

Calibrachoa parviflora photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed along Mesquite Wash, e. Maricopa Co., Arizona. April 2008. Notice the lint from willow seeds adhering to the sticky leaves.

ANNUAL: Low growing annual herb, partially succulent, most prevalent in mid to late spring. Rarely exceeds 20 cm tall, but may spread out to nearly a meter across.

FLOWERS: Pink or lavender flowers similar to those of cultivated petunias, but only about ½ cm across. Blooming mostly April and May.

LEAVES: Leaves are spatulate and thick. Gladular, sticky.

RANGE: Fairly common in moist, riparian habitats in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico. Can tolerate partially saline soil.

FRUIT: Dry capsules with several seeds split open lengthwise.


Solanaceae -- Nightshade Family

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