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Baja Fairyduster

Calliandra californica


Photo of Calliandra californica by Michael Plagens

This photo was taken in Glendale, Arizona, USA. May 2011.

RANGE: This plant is native to Baja California including parts of the Sonoran Desert there, but is not naturally found in the USA. It is extensively planted in xeriscape gardens.

FLOWERS: Very long, conspicuous stamens are deep red. The flower petals by contrast are small and add little to the flower's showiness. Several flowers are borne in each spherical cluster.

SHRUB: A low shrub rarely over 1 meter tall. Leafless during periods of drought and after frost.

LEAVES: Finely dissected, bi-pinnate leaves. The leaves close up at night or if the plant is heavily disturbed/broken.

FRUIT: Flattened bean pods are held erect and begin to curl with maturity.

UNARMED: Like the other fairy duster species this plant lacks thorns.

pink flowers of Arizona Sonoran Desert Fairy Duster Landscape architechs seem to really like the bright red color ... The native species is every bit as beautiful and should be more widely planted by desert gardeners.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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