Booth's Suncup

Eremothera boothii
(Camissonia boothii)

Eremothera boothii (Camissonia) photo © by Michael Plagens

KOFA Mountains, La Paz Co., Arizona. 23 Jan 2005.

FLOWERS: White flowers are accented by reddish stems and buds. Inflorescence commonly nodding. Four petals + eight stamens. January to April depending on rain.

ANNUAL : A relatively large late winter and spring annual with stems, buds and drying flowers infused with red.

LEAVES: Leaves are elliptic and vary considerably in size according to the availability of sunshine, water, and subspecies. Usu. with rosette of leaves clustered at base.

RANGE: Fairly common on desert flats and near washes of western Sonoran Desert appearing only in response to good winter-spring rains. This and related subspecies range into the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts.

FRUIT: Cylindrical capsules positioned below the sepals and petals, i.e. inferior ovary.


Onagracaceae -- Evening Primrose Family

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