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Arizona Wrightwort

Carlowrightia arizonica


Pen & Ink Illustration © by Michael J. Plagens

Sketched from specimen observed at South Mountain, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 12 April 1993

FLOWERS: With a conspicuous pair of white wing-petals, these bilaterally symmetrical flowers look like little butterflies. There are yellow and purple markings in the throat.

SUBSHRUB: Woody at and just above crown but the plant is often rather sparse and less than 40 cm tall.

LEAVES: Leaves usu. elyptic and opposite on the stems.

FRUIT: A dry, flattened capsule splitting lengthwise to reveal a number of seeds.

RANGE: Not uncommon on rocky bajadas at mid elevations in the Sonoran Desert, but often obscure and hard to find when not in bloom.


Acanthaceae -- Acanthus Family

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