Hyssop-leaf Spurge

Euphorbia (Chamaesyce) hyssopifolia

Photo by Michael Plagens

This photo was taken in Phoenix June 2007 and a higher resolution image is hosted at Wikimedia.

ANNUAL: Warm season annual rarely more than 50 cm tall. An upright spurge with weak arching stems that ooze white sap when broken.

LEAVES: Largest leaves over 15 mm, with serrated edges. Opposite on stem. Often with reddish splotches.

RANGE: Common weed in urban and agricultural areas in the Sonoran Desert. Grows better with more water than is generally available in raw desert habitats.

FLOWERS: Minute flowers borne in groups within an involucre. What appears to be petals are actually petal-like glands borne on the rim of the involucre (cup-like structure).

UNARMED: No thorns, but sap can be an irritant.

FRUIT: Small capsules, about 2 mm in diameter, are three-parted.

Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge Family

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