Virgin's Bower
Old Man's Beard

Clematis drummondii

Virgin's Bower, Clematis drummondii, photo by Mike Plagens

Mature fruit with long, plumose styles. Photographed in the Wickenburg Mountains, sw. Yavapai Co., Arizona, taken Dec 2006.

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FRUIT: Each carpel bears a long, plumose awn derived from the style - and with a dozen plus carpels per fruit the result is a very attractive fluff-ball which remain on the plant for many months.

VINE: Grows as a vine clambering up through mesquites and other shrubs adjacent to washes.

FLOWERS: White sepals and numerous white, conspicuous stamens.

RANGE: Fairly common throughout the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and also in the Chihuahuan Desert. Find it especially on a major wash bank or near a riparian stream.

LEAVES: - Pinnately compound leaves with 7 or fewer leaflets.


Virgin's Bower, Clematis drummondii, photo by Mike Plagens

Clusters of flowers at Catalina State Park, Pima Co., Arizona, USA. 31 May 2015.

Ranunculaceae -- Buttercup Family

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