Condalia globosa

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Photo © by Michael J. Plagens

This photo was taken at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, May 2006.

SMALL TREE or LARGE SHRUB: Dark gray or almost black trunk(s) is (are) gnarly and twisted. A 4 m tall condalia would be large specimen.

ARMED: The slender thorns are stiff and exceedingly sharp.

LEAVES: Leaves are small oblong or spatulate, somewhat leathery and are deciduous with frost or severe drought.

RANGE: Widely distributed in southwestern Arizona, but not very common.

FRUIT: Blue-black berries have a hard stone inside and are extremely bitter.

FLOWERS: Small greenish-white flowers are inconspicuous.

TRUNK: Dark and gnarly with fibrous bark.

By late spring large spiny caterpillars might be found on this plant. These belong to a type of silk moth (Follow thumb link for more information).

Condalia Silk Moth

Condalia Silk Moth

Rhamnaceae -- Buckthorn Family

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