Warnock's Snakewood
Mexican Crucillo

Condalia warnockii

Pen & Ink Illustration © by Michael Plagens

Drawn from live specimen observed at Catalina State Park, Pima County, Arizona. Leaf shown in detail at lower center has prominent veins on underside.

RANGE: This shrub is more akin to the Chihuahuan Desert flora and so is found in the Sonoran Desert mostly in canyons and mountain foothills along the southeastern flanks where it meets the Chihuahuan. Southeast Pinal County and Pima County.

SHRUB: Medium to rather large shrub, intricately branched and quite thorny.

ARMED. Very sharp, needle-like thorns at tips of branches and twigs.

LEAVES: Leaves are very small and spatulate. Plants may have more and larger leaves after periods of rain. The veins on the undersurface are prominent.

FRUIT: Red berries are nearly jet-black when ripe.

FLOWERS: Small white-cream flowers.

Rhamnaceae -- Buckthorn Family

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