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Scrambled Eggs

Corydalis aurea

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photograph taken at Mesquite Wash, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 24 February 2007 during an Arizona Natural History Field Trip.

FLOWERS: Maybe you was fixing breakfast at the campsite and spilled some eggs? Bright yellow flowers are bilaterally symmetrical with a well-developed nectar tube. Six stamens. Mostly early spring.

RANGE: These plants occur sporadically throughout the upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Sonora in damp, sandy soil.

LEAVES: Finely disected, compound leaves are glabrous.

FRUIT: curved, elongate capsule

HERB: Biennial or perennial. Related to poppy family and contains poisonous alkaloids, but now put in the family Fumariaceae.

Fumariaceae - Fumatory Family (some authorities retain in Papaveraceae - Poppy Family)

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