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Feather Plume
Feather Dalea

Dalea formosa


Illustration © Michael Plagens

Pen & ink from live specimen.

SHRUB: A weakly woody shrub, often intricately branched, reaching to 1 m or more in height.

FLOWERS: Attractive, pea-like, purple-lavender flowers with a yellow hood petal. The sepals are long and adorned with long silky trichomes. This combined with gracefully arching twigs gives the blooming plant a striking appearance. Blooming in response to rainfall esp. late summer and fall.

RANGE: Eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert and ranging more abundantly in the Chihuahuan Desert at elevations mostly well above 600 m elevation.

LEAVES: Compound leaves have up to a dozen small leaflets. Crushed foliage has strong terpene aroma.

FRUIT:The small, hirsute pods usu. contain only a single bean-seed.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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