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Gregg's Prairie Clover

Dalea greggii

art work © by Michael Plagens

This pen & Ink was drawn from a specimen found at Sabino Canyon, Sta. Catalina Mts, Pima Co., Arizona, USA. 19 April 1994.

SHRUB: A low shrub typically about a meter tall.


FLOWERS: Numerous pale purple flowers are in short, capitate clusters that look rather like a clover. Long pubescence gives the infloresscence a fluffy appearance.

LEAVES: The small leaves have 5 to 7 leaflets that are often folded up.

RANGE: In Pima County and southeastern Arizona above 700 m elevation. According to the sources I have checked the Arizona specimens are no longer classified as D. greggii. I am not at all sure which species my specimen represents and without a voucher I may never know!

FRUIT: As with the other Dalea the pod is small and has just a single bean seed.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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