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Woolly Sunflower

Eriophyllum confertiflorum

Pen & Ink Illustration © Michael Plagens

Pen & Ink illustration © by Michael Plagens from specimen observed at Gila Mountains, Yuma Co., Arizona, USA. 27 Feb. 1994.

LEAVES: Leaves are elyptic to linear with narrow lobes and are thickly covered by woolly white hairs as are the young stems and inflorescences.

PERENNIAL: Perennial herb with a woody crown. Few plants exceed ½ meter in height. Plants die back with severe drought or frost.

FLOWERS: Bright yellow flowers with short yellow rays and yellow disc flowers. The leaves and bracts or the inflorescence all have the characteristic thick blanket of wool. Mid spring into summer.

RANGE: Occasional in the Sonoran Desert mostly along wash banks or sometimes on rocky bajadas.

FRUIT: The angled achenes have an obscure crown of dry scales.


Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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