Pygmy Poppy

Eschscholzia minutiflora

Eschscholzia minutiflora photo © by Michael Plagens

The finely divided leaves are clustered basally. Eagletail Mountains, Maricopa County, Arizona. 5 Apr 2020.

FLOWERS: Four or five bright yellow petals on flowers barely 1 or 2 cm in diameter. Blooming Feb to April.

Eschscholzia minutiflora photo © by Mike Plagens

ANNUAL: Generally a small, delicate, spring annual rarely more than 15 cm tall.

LEAVES: Leaves are finely divided into linear segments and are all set at ground level. The leaves are smooth and have grayish white sheen.

RANGE: Western portions of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and ranging into the Mojave Desert of California and Nevada. Rocky slopes, washes and flats - spring appearance dependent on rainfall.

FRUIT: Long, slender capsules.


Papaveraceae -- Poppy Family

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