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Sonoran Desert Oaks

Shrubs or small trees. Flowers in catkins. Fruit an acorn. In the Sonoran Desert restricted mostly to upper elevations in transition to chaparral.

Scrub Live Oak

Quercus turbinella

Emory Oak

Quercus emoryi

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Medium to large shrub with rather spiny leaves. Acorns usu. present. Oval leaves tough, canescent, evergreen. Annual of mid summer to autumn frequently in deep sandy soils Fairly common at upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert in transition to chaparral. Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens hosted by Wikimedia

Medium sized tree, mostly at elevations above the Sonoran Desert, but a few trees exist in deep shady canyons. Oblong leaves dark green and shiny. Prickles on leaf margins. The image is hosted at Wikipedia     Detailed Description

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