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Fagonia laevis

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Sketched from live specimen

Fagonia laevis © by Michael Plagens

These open flowers of Fagonia laevis were observed in the Plomosa Mts., La Paz Co., Arizona, USA on 01 March 2009.

ARMED: At each node where the leaves attach are four, curved, sharp spines.

FLOWERS: The five reddish-purple petals have long claw-bases.

SUB-SHRUB: Mostly herbaceous perennial usu. less than 20 cm tall; lower portions and crown woody.

LEAVES: Compound, opposite leaves have three elyptic leaflets. Sticky glands present on foliage.

RANGE: Southwestern Arizona and southeastern California and hence into deserts of northwest Mexico. Rocky slopes and on wash banks.

FRUIT: A five-lobed capsule.

Zygophyllaceae -- Caltrop Family

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