Desert Olive

Forestiera pubescens

Pen & Ink by Michael Plagens

SHRUB: A large, non-discript, shrub often 2 to 4 m in height with stiff, smooth-barked branches.

FRUIT: Spherical drupe is indeed olive-like, but quite small.

The plant is most often encountered within steep, relatively well-watered rocky canyons at elevation of 800m to 2000m elevation
in the Upper Sonoran of Arizona and Sonora.

Small oblong to elyptic leaves are opposite or may appear clustered on the stems.

Very small male and female flowers borne on the same plant without sepals or petals.  Female flowers occur singly and develope the fruit.  Odd appearing male flowers are borne in clusters of 4 to 10 and each one has just one stamen.


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