Lesser Yellowthroat Gilia

Gilia flavocincta

Gilia flavocincta, photo © by Laurie Nessel

Photographed in, Maricopa Co., Arizona. This close-up of the flowers was made and is copyrighted by Laurie Nessel.

Gilia flavocincta, photo © by Mike Plagens

Photographed in, Maricopa Co., Arizona, Spring 2008.

ANNUAL : An ephemeral spring annual usually apparent in mid spring only in years with adequate rains.

FLOWERS: Bright pink-lavender flowers are arrayed at the tips of long spindly branching inflorescences. There are five points and five blue stamens. The yellow tinge in the throat of the long tubular flower is not always apparent and there is some variation in the flower color. The style is usually five-branched.

LEAVES: Leaves are narrowly divided with the ultimate divisions thread-like. Most leaves may be cob-webby and are crowded near base of plant.
basal leaves of Gilia flavocincta
RANGE: Frequent throughout the Sonoran Desert ranging to the east into the Chihuahuan Desert. Found on rocky slopes and in washes. There are many difficult to distinguish Gilia species - without careful examination with magnification and expertise identification is not certain.

FRUIT: Dry, three parted capsules with many seeds.

UNARMED. No thorns.

Polemoniaceae -- Phlox Family

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