Palmer's Grapplinghook

Harpagonella palmeri

Harpagonella photo © by Michael Plagens

McDowell Mountain Park, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 25 Feb. 2017.

FRUIT: Four or three nutlets each with a straight, curved or bent process. With barbed hooks the fruit resembles a grapplinghook and functions as a burr for dispersing the seeds.

ANNUAL: Mid-spring annual normally not more than 15 cm tall. Normally rather hard to see.

Harpagonella seeds Photo © by Michael Plagens
LEAVES: Leaves are lance-shaped or linear and set with silvery pubescence.

RANGE: Spotty distribution in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico. Also ranging into adjacent deserts to the west. Rocky slopes and along washes.

FLOWERS: White flowers are small and rarely are more than a few open at once.

UNARMED. No thorns.

Boraginaceae -- Borage Family

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